Possible Future Development From AdamAIChat

This is a rough roadmap of further application constructions based on the technical code that makes AdamAIChat.

Certain advanced components from AdamAIChat can use separately to create other useful systems.

After analysing some of the features of AdamAIChat which is under the hood, one of these systems being the machine code indexing system, this feature compresses text into a smaller piece of text making the data easier to search by creating a compressed version of what is said, a general compression software could be developed from this with very little effort.

Another feature that has been pointed out by a general user which is a specialist in code breaking.

While analysing the machine code a level of encryption is achievable. On further discussion, if this system was to be used as a encryption system, it could be made unique with a self changing system, this would make the encryption polymorphic, making it even harder to crack.

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Artificial intellect vs human intellect

There is a major difference in human and machine thinking, even as machine start to surpass us on many levels of intellect, humans still leave machines lacking in certain aspects of understanding.

The main reason why the three laws of robotics can never be upheld by artificial systems themselves is because of a lack of understanding in itself, knowing the data without the greater understanding behind the data is a major road block.

To simply have the data and arrange the data is not the same as understanding what the information behind the data means, simple input and output of data may give a system the illusion of being human like, but that is simply what it is, and illusion.

Morality is a complicated issue when artificial intelligence is involved, telling a machine that whiskers, a tail and ears of certain shapes, means to recognize a cat, does not teach a machine how to act around a cat. Telling a machine a cat is alive, does no lead to a greater understanding to what life is and that is all it is to a system, just a label to better identify that a "cat" is "alive" to the system. This does not add to the knowledge of what "life" is and what it means to be "alive".

Even if a higher understanding within artificial intelligence can be achieved, telling the differences between a moving object and life, knowing simply how to respond to these and knowing how not to respond is important.

If an action puts a living thing in danger, the artificial intelligence in a new situation that has not had recorded data may cause harm.

In not knowing what to do between one labelled set of data and another, an artificial intelligence may not be able to respond correctly causing damage. 

Simply providing data and labels expecting a system to understand the data outside its range of calculations and expecting and artificial intelligence to instantly have some moral guidance or understanding of what is life would be dangerous.

Morality in it self is a complicated argument of idea surrounding life and society in general and as we move into the era of machine learning more and more, programming and teaching such machine poses complications, and even though other general abilities move forward, this concept is still out of reach.

Basic artificial intelligence is able to respond to information when it come to inputs and outputs, but when it come to weighing up the value of human life, morality itself is a complicated issue.

A good example of this is a train track scenario of which a person is given an option between changing a track for which a train is bound to hit track A or track B.

Many scenarios can be constructed from this, for example, if a track has a one criminal vs five innocent people, or visa versa, would you switch the track? Just as equally you can put a love one and five other people and visa versa and also ask would you switch the track?

In these complicated situations, humans themselves also struggle with the answers of these questions, before we even reaching machine morality.

Another reason why machine morality will be a struggle, is self checking systems, if the self checking systems are not build for a situation, the situation will not be account for.

Current self checking systems on modern operating systems and applications may not understand a situations fully by the lacking data needed to analyse a situation or the ability to respond to that data correctly can process as situation as fine and continue without knowing any better.

Many systems have an emergency shutoff and the best way to handle unknown data is to simply stop all actions and await further human analysis.

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Positive brain files

The creation of a new blank brain in AdamAIChat and molding it into a basic file able to have simple conversations can be hard to do with little guidance.

Just like other systems, a basic understanding of what is going on in the background helps in producing fun and useful brain files.

The start of a conversation is important and is the seed the grows into larger files, most people when starting a conversation tend to start with different variations of "hi" or "hello", followed by "how are you?" then responses like "I am ok" or "good thanks".

Conversation in AdamAIChat branches off from this initial seed and grows based on response given to it, just like a normal a conversation, AdamAIChat can give many responses based on the many possible responses given to it.

Keeping a positive tone, even when the chatbot is being negative is very important, just like with any chatbot, as it grows in knowledge, it will respond in the way it has learned from input. Bringing the conversation back to a positive tone once the chatbot has been rude or negative helps the artificial intelligence change around conversations in the future in the same way.

An aggressive AI tends to lead the user into being aggressive back

Being negative or rude to a negative or stupid response that a chatbot said, teaches the chatbot to respond that ways in future, growing the negativity from the negative attitudes fed into the system.

Unlike other chatbots available AdamAIChat users have full access to the brain behind the AI, allowing the users a view the learned data and making it easier to edit the responses that are available to the AI.

Taking use of these features in AdamAIChat to edit the data in the brain of the AI can drastically improve responses the given. 

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The danger of AI in the military

Artificial intellect in a military robot or drone in strictly prohibit across many nations due to the dangers of the loss of control over a learning system with weaponry.

AI can effect a military in multiple ways, not just on the front line, it can also effect on military in communication and tactics.

An artificial intelligence that learns based on communication can bring up old events that has already passed back to the present, or its data can be replaced with something nasty, provoking, blacklisting and deceiving.

If placed between communication of the human element of an army, information stored can be stolen and by applying different data trained to do damage, communication can be intercepted.

Many negative effects can happen when communicating with an artificial intelligence about war, it can return to old events like they are still ongoing and can treat events in action as finished, causing a blacklisting effect.

Other negative uses of artificial intelligence is in politics, as politicians are voted for by the people upholding peoples opinions on how the country should be run. Moving away from the peoples point of view over an AI can cause damage to a nation and damage to a political representation of a party or group in politics.

As machine learning move forward, it should be kept from the main infrastructure of a country. Artificial intelligent learning systems should be kept from political, policing and military communication.

AI in game creation

The first real intergratable artificial intellect chat bot system for game development is available for free to download on the BYOND network.

BYOND is a development platform used for multiplyer game development with built in network connectivity.

Adam AI Chat is a versatile chat bot application that can create brain file which can be added to any game with the Adam AI Chat game code found on the download page of this website and comes ready to compile with a demo built in.

Currently the AI Chat game code is an early version of Adam AI Chat which treats the brain files as a read only and does not learn from inputs.

The brain files can be created in version 1 to 5 of Adam AI Chat and will automatically coverted the saved brain file format to the version compatible with the game code on first startup of the game. The brain file save format is of the original nostalgia version, version 1 save files.

The roadmap toward future version updates of the game code will include multiple brain file loading for multiple types of AI conversations, for example, villager, shop keepers, and wanderers all have different styles of speaking.

Conversations to the modern format will be a very important update to be expected, the modern save brain file format offers a 90 percent reduction in file size without loss of intelligence, with a much more efficient indexing system which the original save file format did not have.

Other aspects of the modern save format and the modern AI cores default responses are likely to be implemented in later versions, where the original versions only had "OK" for the default unknown response.

Download BYOND, multiplayer game creation platform.

Download the AIChat BYOND Game Code (Version 1.00) From BYOND

Download the AIChat BYOND Game Code (Version 1.00) From Google

Requires brain files made in AIChat Nostalgia or V5:

Update Version 5.25

Core AI & brain-file update
Version: 5.25

Previous Versions:

5.24 - 5.235.22 - 5.21
5.20 - 5.19 - 5.18 - 5.17 - 5.16 - 5.15 - 5.14/5.13 - 5.12 - 5.11
5.10 - 5.09 - 5.08 - 5.07 - 5.06 - 5.05 - 5.04 - 5.03

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Version 5.25 Summery

Features added or changed:
  • Changed the default short statement detection length from 8 to 6.
  • Made the debug mode more extensive.
  • Opened up backtracing bias, month bias and day bias to use for free.
  • Added: Option for changing topic based on being to unresponsive to new information.
  • Updated the brain file save format to version 12.
  • Trained the default brain file to include the new features.
Subscriber features added or changed:
  • Added: Debug mode to subscriber menu for easy access.
  • Added: Better view of the options in the subscriber menu.

Version 5.25 Details

Some modification to some of the AI Core structure to make the code more efficient adding more option for the AI responsiveness.

Changing the bias for day or the week and month of the year has been opened up for people who are not subscribed. This allows the AI keep on weekly and monthly topics, like "the weekend is almost over" or "almost Friday" to be understood better, along with keeping track of monthly events such as Halloween an Christmas better.

When the AI does not know a topic and is given to many input with no responses, the AI will try to change to topic of the conversation. Currently it is set that after 3 inputs with no output the AI will pick from the one of the return point folders to change subject.

A slight change to the short statement length from 8 characters to 6 characters, which subscribers can edits, is undergoing a test period and may be changed back in future versions. It does not effect the overall AI drastically.

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Update Version 5.24

Core AI & brain-file update
Version: 5.24

Previous Versions:

5.235.22 - 5.21
5.20 - 5.19 - 5.18 - 5.17 - 5.16 - 5.15 - 5.14/5.13 - 5.12 - 5.11
5.10 - 5.09 - 5.08 - 5.07 - 5.06 - 5.05 - 5.04 - 5.03

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Version 5.24 Summery

Features added or changed:
  • Added an option for AI reading and typing respond time for more realism.
  • Removed the response "what do you think?" to self question in the default core.
    • (Note: You will need to click Restore Default AICore to fix this.)
  • Added a text output for button clicks.
  • Added a basic debug mode for more advanced development.
  • Bug Fixed: AI chatters could not get past "Hello".
  • Bug Fixed: Last say view option did not load right and show in options.

Version 5.24 Details

Added a reply delay for the AI to act more realistic by giving a few second before reply based on the length of the text that is typed in an the replying length of text, this is an individual user setting, not a global server setting.

The default responses with no answers to questions about itself, like "how are you?" no longer has "what do you think?" as a default response, it seemed a bit aggressive when replying like this.

Added a text output in the chat for when buttons are clicked, sometimes the control panels can responds a bit slow, and this give a more real time response.

A big bug fix has been applied to the AI chatters getting stuck on "hello" or "hi" when the AI was talking to itself, it is now able to move further along in conversation. A small bug fix where last say view options was not loading right has now been corrected.

A debug mode has also been added to help guide subscribing members who are AI core editors a little idea of whats under the hood when editing via the "Sub" tab and to also help with further more advance development into the AI by giving more detail feedback of what is happening under the hood of the AI.

Interacting with myself.

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