Update Version 5.03

Core AI & brain-file update
Version: 5.03

A quick bug fix and basic starting brain save file update, and a few other finishing touches for stability.

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Version 5.03 Summery

  • Fixed new folder button bug.
  • Updated machine code, even more compression.
  • Updated core AI to say "i dont know" to questions not understood
  • Updated core AI to question small sentences back, when response is not known.
  • Added more data to the default starting brain save file.
  • Added a auto save file update, when file is loaded.
  • Added auto loading on the start up of the program.
  • Added new blue interface.

Version 5.03 Details

Small interface bug was fix, where the "New Input Folder" button didn't work, in the older versions of 5.00 you are still able to create new folders by right clicking on a already existing folder after typing in chat to create the first folder, and this was the preferred method.

Added a slight tweak to the AI core when dealing with unknown ways of responding, by responding with "i dont know" to questions with no know answers, and to question small unknown phrases or words, by adding a question mark to the end and returning it, both these adjustments are to help increase learning.

Trained more phrases for learning into the default brain save file, asking to learn more on random subjects, such as science and history, on top of the already existing normal "hello" and "how are you?" conversational startups. Asking more for information will help it gain more information early on.

A new auto load on startup feature has been added, this auto load feature will also use the new auto brain file update system, to make sure everything is up to date and running smoothly. An are you sure window for the "Quick Save" and the "Quick Load" button has been added to remove accident. The auto save back up system will now save a separate file automatically every 15 min into a backup folder in the save file.

A new blue interface has been added to make the application look smarter and easier on the eyes, the interface is now better arranged for viewing more files and folders at once, also seeing further back into the chat history at once. Being arranged vertically gives more room to show more information in both the chat window and the tabbed control panel where the folders and files are viewed.

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