Version Update 5.31

Core AI & brain-file update
Version: 5.31

Previous Versions:

5.29 - 5.28 - 5.27 - 5.26 - 5.25
5.24 - 5.23 - 5.22 - 5.21 - 5.20
5.19 - 5.18 - 5.17 - 5.16 - 5.15

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Version 5.31 Summery

Features added or changed:
  • Bias controls default value change: New information bias set to 2.
  • Bias controls default value change: Recent information bias set to 3.
  • Bias controls default value change: First information bias set to 5.
  • 5 new themes added for free users, the original pumpkin theme is still available.
  • Added a bias display to files under the brain tab next to the file weight count.
  • Added a time redundancy option to ignore old topics.
  • Added an old data tag next to the file weight count to display redundant data.
  • Added 2 right click options to make a file old data and to remove the old data tag.
  • Added the ability to edit backtracing data.
Subscriber features:
  • 9 new themes added for subscribers.
Version 5.31 Details

In the last version natural human bias controls were added to allow a user to adjust the way the artificial intelligence responded based on human psychological traits, in this version a realistic default values for each bias has been set.

Bias information is now displayed next to the files just after the weight count of the file, this shows as "N-Bias" for new information bias, "R-Bias" for recent information bias and "F-Bias" for first information.

Time depend information if now controlled with a time redundancy option which allows the users to control how long it takes before information is ignored and considered redundant, if it has been a long since the last time a reply was made what the artificial intelligence has said, it is considered out of date and an "Old-Data" tag is applied to a file.

The "Old-Data" tag can be manually added and removed from a file by right clicking the file, the ability to edit backtracing on a file has also been added to the right click menu for files, although this is an advanced option which will rarely be used, it allow users more control over the editing of the artificial intelligence brain.

14 new colour theme have been added to allow the users the change the style of the interfaces, the original pumpkin theme is still available, which equals 15 themes in total. These theme can be set by a hosted server and anyone joining will see the server admins theme as default, even if it is a subscriber theme. Each individual user can select their own theme on a server without effecting other individuals themes. Read more...

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Interface Themes

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The next version (5.31) of AdamAIChat is under construction, and along with new options to adjust how the artificial intelligence functions as stated in a previous article on this website (click here for that article), new interface skins were hinted at on the AdamAIChat Facebook page and group, here is a further sneak peak at the next versions themes that will be available.

Free schemes




Pumpkin (Current default)



Subscriber Schemes



Cotton Candy

Deep Ocean




Sea Breeze


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Psychological Biases

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AdamAIChat at its core is built on psychological conversational traits that help it learn faster when acquiring new information, such as the question detection system, which responds to questions differently compared to statements.

With the recent update to version 5.30, new information bias controls have been added to the option menu to allow the artificial intelligence to act more human about how stored information is handled.

This is the first artificial intelligent chat bot with bias controls that is based on human psychological biases which manipulate the probability of the response which the chat bot makes from previous recorded data.

First information bias is a human bias to hold the first information learned to be more true than other information learned, it can take some time to adjust to new ideas and concepts.

New information bias is the human bias towards new information learned by an individual, people tend to discuss new information more than other information as information about the world can change, although first information has the highest bias in conversation, new information tends to be more prioritized than anything inbetween.

Recent information bias is slightly different from new information biases, it is the human bias to talk about recent information from recent conversation and is more likely to be a heavier bias than new information.

The difference between recent and new information can be hard to differentiate, but can be simply be explained, new information is totally new information, where no previous conversation on the topic has been made, recent information can be old information that has been discussed recently

Recent information can be old or new information, but new information is not old information, and is completely new.

Currently these bias controls in AdamAIChat have just been recently introduced and are set at a default value that does not have an effect on conversation unless changed by the user or hosting admin, it is likely version 5.31 will have different default values to make the artificial intelligence seem more human.

More options and bias are planned for future versions of AdamAIChat, including ignoring old redundant information based on calendar date and maximum information retained in folder option.

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