About AI

Secretly used in many industries around the world! In music, story writing, medical and scientific research, AIChat was known by the name AdamAI.

Version 1 to 3

"AI Chat" also known as "Adam AI" was a private game plugin project for an artificial intelligent chat to happen in an online or offline computer game, allowing the none player characters to interact like online players when spoken to.

The original 3 versions for this project were stolen, leaked and renamed to "Adam AI", and little did I know, as the actual creator of this small side project, that Adam AI would be used world wide in many industries, without any credit given.

It took only a week to create the first 3 versions which handle inputs of new information very differently, one version learning very fast by simply saying back any new sentences it learned, to learn what to say in response, another would say something random from a list of things it didn't have response for, and finally a more completed version, which it the one mainly used today giving only "ok" as a response..

Version 4

From the 3 versions a 4th version was created, the people who stole the original idea came back for a new version because they broke the version they originally stole. This version has a lot of information about me hidden in it to help get the message out I was the original creator, and the person that stole Adam AI couldn't even program and was claiming to be the creator.

I left little bits of code for this person to steal without him knowing I knew, I also knew he didn't know what he was typing out, just copying. This 4th versions is called the lost version, the broken version, or the stolen version.

The 5th version

Version 5, was programmed again to be exactly like the original, the original code was lost many many years ago, it was recreated exactly as I programmed it the years before, which automatically made it back compatible with all the older save files.

The next day I started to heavily upgrade the main AI engine. Then I continued to add in features which updated the old brain file format to the new one.

The next day after the machine code which the new system ran on to make the whole system faster, was fully tested and cleaned up, and a few more feature were added, like the add chatter function and the learning on and off button. 

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