AI Self Recognition

Although it is still in beta the self recognition system of AdamAIChat is able to tell the context of a conversation and can recognize when the user is referring to the AI directly.

Image by Adam Watson

In a step towards sentient artificial intelligent chat conversation, AdamAIChat is now able to recognize itself in conversation and is able to adjust inputs to the correct the context on who is referring to who.

Just like how AdamAIChat is able to take key words from the conversation and detect the between questions and statements, the AI core can now detect when the users is referring to to the artificial intelligence it is chatting to.

With a totally new blank brain file, if the user asks the artificial intelligence "How are you?" , the artificial intelligence is able to not only able to understand if the input is question or a statement, but also if it asked about and the context of reference, the difference between "you or I".

The artificial intelligence will respond with a specific phrases based on advanced psychological conversation principles, pushing the user to respond in a specific way to add data to the artificial intelligence.

When the artificial intelligent has detected when it is referred to the artificial intelligent is able to adjust the different perspective between "you" and "I" in the conversation and record adjusted responses based on the perspective of the conversation.

This add a more human feel to the conversation, especially when building new brain files. Older brain files are less likely to use the AICore because of the already recorded responses. 

Although this beta feature in AdamAIChat is currently not enable by default and must be enabled due to unfinished context changes, this feature add towards artificial intelligent sentience in chat form.

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