Security Hole In Alpha

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An illegally stolen alpha version of AIChat has a major security hole which can give others access to your file system while hosting when loading and saving files.

Not only this, any file can be downloaded to the local computer with any of the connected clients off of the hosting computer by dragging the file out of the saving and loading window, it is also likely possible to drag files into the loading and saving windows to insert malicious files to the hosting computer.

The alpha version of AdamAIChat was never designed for public use and was a private piece of script designed to be used in personal game projects.

The original design was never designed for hosting and was designed for a user to train the brain file, so additional security options were never needed in the alpha version

The original design for game implementation never required loading or saving and loaded the brain file from in the start up, because of multiple users interaction with each other as well as the AI, the original design did not allow for learning in game, just like the public game script available on this website.

The public official release found on this website is completely safe and can be run in trusted mode in BYONDs dream daemon and does not have this major security issue.

Only the admins can have access to loading files into AdamAIChat on the host computer and an admin option to allow or disallow clients computers from downloading the AI brain file to their computer.

The download to local machine button only brings up the file system of the local computer and does not allow the users to access other peoples computers.

EXPIRED FILES! An illegally stolen alpha version of AIChat uses saved brain files that lock after an expiration date, to create an illegal subscription service of the save files. In the Nostalgia version, the game script and version 5 or above, these save files can be loaded past the expiration date by the official software for free!... Read more

Download AdamAIChat for free!