Guide to port forwarding:

To set up an open port to host a program for other people to join, read more about opening ports to host AdamAIChat:
Port Forwarding Sky Help
Port Forwarding Virgin Help
Port Forwarding BT Help

All server hosted publicly will a be on displayed on the BYOND website and in the Dream Seeker application, and can by joined by fellow BYOND users by clicking join now!
This is where all the AdamAIChat servers are hosted!

Guide to BYOND hosting:

Once a port is open on your internet hub or router, there are two ways you can host the application to allow other to connect to your chat bot. One method is simply clicking "Host Online Server" at the bottom of the "Control" tab. 

After typing in a number of an open available port, the server will be available to connect to on the BYOND network. To see the page the server is hosted on and to see other hosted AIChat servers, click "Join Online Server".

Clicking on "Changer Server Name" will change the name displayed on the website to what ever you want

BYOND comes with a hosting shell on top of the server and client shell setup called Dream Daemon. Dream Daemon has a few more server options available to it, including hosting privately and user banning controls.

Enter the location of AIChat.dmb and enter an open port number, security is best set to trusted, any higher security would constantly ask permission to save and load every file, including background saving process.

When you click the green go button, it will turn into a yellow diamond symbol, click the button again to join the server. This is important as a host, because the first person to log on to the server will become the admin account and get the admin controls.

The admin controls consist of access to server options and the ability to turn people into moderators, to give users some extra controls to help control the servers. Individual options can be assigned to allow the ability to add, edit and delete parts of the brain of the AI to individuals.

Although there is a kick from server feature available, there is currently no banning feature built into the AIChat application, to ban usernames Dream Daemon is needed. All other options are found under the option tab when the application is open.

To download and host AdamAIChat or view and join server currently hosted publicly: