AI in game creation

The first real artificial intellectual chat bot system able to be integrated into any game development within the BYOND, this is available for free to download on the BYOND network.

BYOND is a development platform used for multiplayer game development with built in network connectivity.

Adam AI Chat is a versatile chat bot application that can create brain file which can be added to any game with the Adam AI Chat game code found on the download page of this website and comes ready to compile with a demo built in.

Currently the AI Chat game code is an early version of Adam AI Chat which treats the brain files as a read only and does not learn from inputs.

The brain files can be created in version 1 to 5 of Adam AI Chat and will automatically coverted the saved brain file format to the version compatible with the game code on first startup of the game. The brain file save format is of the original nostalgia version, version 1 save files.

The roadmap toward future version updates of the game code will include multiple brain file loading for multiple types of AI conversations, for example, villager, shop keepers, and wanderers all have different styles of speaking.

Conversations to the modern format will be a very important update to be expected, the modern save brain file format offers a 90 percent reduction in file size without loss of intelligence, with a much more efficient indexing system which the original save file format did not have.

Other aspects of the modern save format and the modern AI cores default responses are likely to be implemented in later versions, where the original versions only had "OK" for the default unknown response.

Download BYOND, multiplayer game creation platform.

Download the AIChat BYOND Game Code (Version 1.00) From BYOND

Download the AIChat BYOND Game Code (Version 1.00) From Google

Requires brain files made in AIChat Nostalgia or V5: