Positive brain files

The creation of a new blank brain in AdamAIChat and molding it into a basic file able to have simple conversations can be hard to do with little guidance.

Just like other systems, a basic understanding of what is going on in the background helps in producing fun and useful brain files.

The start of a conversation is important and is the seed the grows into larger files, most people when starting a conversation tend to start with different variations of "hi" or "hello", followed by "how are you?" then responses like "I am ok" or "good thanks".

Conversation in AdamAIChat branches off from this initial seed and grows based on response given to it, just like a normal a conversation, AdamAIChat can give many responses based on the many possible responses given to it.

Keeping a positive tone, even when the chatbot is being negative is very important, just like with any chatbot, as it grows in knowledge, it will respond in the way it has learned from input. Bringing the conversation back to a positive tone once the chatbot has been rude or negative helps the artificial intelligence change around conversations in the future in the same way.

An aggressive AI tends to lead the user into being aggressive back

Being negative or rude to a negative or stupid response that a chatbot said, teaches the chatbot to respond that ways in future, growing the negativity from the negative attitudes fed into the system.

Unlike other chatbots available AdamAIChat users have full access to the brain behind the AI, allowing the users a view the learned data and making it easier to edit the responses that are available to the AI.

Taking use of these features in AdamAIChat to edit the data in the brain of the AI can drastically improve responses the given. 

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