The latest version of Adam AI is the fastest and smartest currently available! The forefront of AI chat is now available completely free to download!

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Version 1 to 4 had bulkier save file, slower response time, and was more intensive on the CPU and RAM. 

AIChat/Adam AI Version 5 shrinks save files 20x smaller, and reduces CPU and RAM use 100x, making the AI faster and easier to run than before, without the loss of intellectual response.

Previous to version 5, the AI created lots of files in the brain tab, in version 5 and in future versions, rather than creating a file for every response, every file will have a weighted count to see how many times something has been said, this is one of the major reasons the new save files are up to 20 times smaller.

The new talking time button can add realism in the form of an artificial delay based on reading and writing time to respond, but when turned off the responses are a lot faster, the new save files also give an index to make searching for responses even faster.

The modern save files are forward and backwards compatible will all the versions available on the website, no matter what version you are using, it is able to load in any version.

AIChat/Adam AI V5 has also been redesigned to give smarter responses, even with small human errors the smart indexing system is able to short hand information in a round about way without losing the main substance of the information, and is also able to ignore minor errors, like pressing the space bar twice.

Some of the new features in AIChat/Adam AI V5:

  • The newest most recent version of AIChat/Adam AI is back compatible with all older brain files, all the old brain saves can be converted to the newest version of Adam AI, compressing the largest brain file will take 20GB file down to 1GB without losing intelligence.
  • Weighted responses in each file, rather than many individual files, not only speeds up the response time of the AI, but also make browsing a lot quicker and easier.
  • Machine code has been implemented under the hood of the AI chat, allowing for small human errors to be ignored, like missing a space bar press, shortening down the input to slightly more vague without losing the context of the information.
  • The AI is much more faster, with a smaller brain file to search responses, and the shortened down machine code under the hood, Adam AI went from a 10 second response time per input on the world's largest brain file of 20GB, down to under a second once the files was converted to the new format.

  • A new feature of the AI is the AI learning mode, this is ability to turn on and off the learning while chatting to the AI, after creating an AI brain file, you can protect it from learning new things while chatting.
  • New smart question detection system allow the AI to understand what is being said to it, question or statements, this smart detection system allows it to learn allot more faster, by returning the question back if it not understood. small phrases not understood yet by the AI are also questioned.

  • Add an AI chatter to allow Adam AI to use its own brain file to chat to itself, this creates a chat bot to chat to the chat bot. (This features is incomplete and the program needs to be closed to delete the chatters added.)

Features added in updates since the beginning of V5.00 to current version:
  • Start with a new file, or pick from one of the templates.
  • Free interfaces themes to change the look of the AI.
  • Loading, downloading, and save as buttons. The save as button is also a download button when hosting. Share brain files with each other easily 
  • More details:
    • Displaying database details button.
    • Displays more statistics about folders and files.
    • Files and folders now tracks the first person to create a file or folders
    • Right click stats about a chatter and their contribution to the brain.
  • The ability to turn learning on or off.
  • NPC AI chatters to chat to the AI.
  • View modes allow you to see specific files or folders in the brain.
  • Expand all and close all, quickly open and close all folders.
  • The ability to host and join online servers easy for free.
  • Chat to and wisper to anyone on the same server.
  • Backtracing, allows the AI to hold a conversation better.
  • AI machine code for a faster processing of data.
  • Update and restore brain files with the check brain button or restore default AI core button.
  • Recycle bin feature stores all the delete items as a brain file in a folder called recycle.
  • Psycological bias setting including first information bias, new information bias and recent information bias.
  • Time critical controls to change the level of redundancy of the information the AI responds with.
  • Self recognition systems able to tell the context of the conversation, and has the ability to adjust and respond from the right perspective (BETA).
Admin server controls added since the beginning:
  • Admins have control of the hosting status on the server page.
  • Admins can change the auto save time.
  • The admins can elect or demote mods.
  • Admins can control if the users and mods can see brain.
  • Admins can change if the users and mods can teach the brain.
  • Admins can change if the users and mods can edits of delete folders and files.
  • Admins and mods can control an individuals abilities to teach, edit and delete the AI.
  • Admins and mods can mute individuals in the public chat channel.
  • Admins and mods can boot a person from the server.
  • Admins can set server bonus bias on file selected to respond with, based on backtracing data, day of the week file was created and month of the year file was created.

Subscribers features added since the beginning:
  • Click the subscription or subscription check button in the info tab.
  • Even more interface themes to choose from!.
  • SUB tag next to you name in chat, and a subscriber star next to you name in the chatter menu.
  • Search feature! Search the currently loaded brain.
  • Load and merge, load a file into the currently loaded brain and merge it!
  • Editing the AI biases towards picking a response:
    • The ability to set pick bonuses based on backtracing bias.
    • The ability to set a bonus based on day of the week.
    • The ability to set a bonus based on month of the year.
  • Edit the core AI system, saved into each brain file.
    • Edit the question detection system.
    • Edit the question about self detection system.
    • Edit the unknown responses to questions.
    • Edit the unknown responses to questions about self.
    • Edit the unknown responses to statements.
  • Edit how many letters are needed before the AI replies to a short statement it does not have a response to with a copy of the input with an added question mark on the end.
  • The recent tab allows the admin to keep track of recently added files and folders.