About Adam

Adam Watson is a programmer and graphical designer, which includes game, software, advertisement and website designs and graphics.

Waltham Abbey, Essex, photo by Michael Adkins, photo editing by Adam Watson.

The creator of Adam AI, originally named AI Chat, Adam C Watson programmed the first version of Adam AI in a day, and then spent the next 2 after days creating different version that handled the inputs very differently.

The 5th version of Adam AI took just 2 day to program, one day to rewrite the original from scratch, and the second day to add a few extra feature and buttons.

Game design and graphics by Adam Watson
Adam Watson is an avid games, graphics and website designer, that enjoys making complicated designs which are simple and easy to use on the surface, the user interface and how the user interacts with a program on a computer and is very important feature.

Digital art by Adam Watson

Along with programming and designing Adam Watson is also a avid gamer, artist and musician. Making multiple blogs, games, software and artworks scattered across the internet. This page is only the surface on what exist on the internet.

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(+44) 7865 509 574

Room 1, 33 Brockles Mead
CM19 4PT
United Kingdom

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