Version Update 5.29

Core AI & brain-file update
Version: 5.29

Previous Versions:

5.28 - 5.27 - 5.26 - 5.25
5.24 - 5.23 - 5.22 - 5.21 - 5.20
5.19 - 5.18 - 5.17 - 5.16 - 5.15
5.14/5.13 - 5.12 - 5.11 - 5.10

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Version 5.29 Summery

Features added or changed:
  • Added "Cancel" when selecting a new brain template.
  • Added an award system which give medals for teaching the AI.
  • Added a "Check Awards" when right clicking a chatter.
  • Added more to the question detection system.
  • Made the "Check Brain" button lighter on the CPU.
  • Minor spelling errors corrected.
  • Bug fixed: When learning is off AI gave no response.
  • Bug fixed: Minor error where the AI name did not show.
  • Bug fixed: Weight of file did not show for some newly created files.
  • Bug fixed: Updating and repairing files froze application, without crashing.
Subscriber features added or changed:
  • Bug fixed: With no AICore responses set a null object error happens.

Version 5.29 Details

Added 40 medals to be awarded to people who interact with the AI and teach it. These medals are based on how much you have said to the AI and how many new files and folders are added to the AI.

A large number of awards maybe given when first using this version based on already saved statistics of users on a server.

You have to be signed into BYOND to get these medals, people using a guest acount will be unable to receive awards. To check a persons awards, right click on a person in the chatter menu.

There are 10 awards for each of these categories:
  • The total amount of characters you have typed.
  • The total number of sentences entered.
  • The amount of new folders added with new conversation.
  • The amount of new files added replying to conversation.
You are able to view every persons awards who are currently connected online via right clicking a user under the "Chatters" tab.

A cancel option has been added to the new brain button just in case an accidental click on the new brain button is made.

More things have been added to the question detection system, as some thing were not being detected as questions when asked, but treated as a statement. The AICore may need to be reset to the default to add these few things.

The "Check Brain" button in the "Info" tab, which is automatically used to merge two save files, convert save files to the modern version, and used to fix save files errors has been adjusted to be not so intense on the CPU. The "Check Brain" process would sometime freeze while dealing with heavy files sizes, although it did not crash, I would seem like it did crashed. If left to convert it would still convert the files to the latest format and unfreeze at the end. This has been corrected to show the process in text again as it converts.

When an individual user turned off the learning function, the AI would no respond to anything, this is now fixed.

When all the responses from the AICore were deleted, the AI would give errors, you can now longer delete the last response in each category to avoid this.

Latest Brain File Details

Folders: 1943 - Files: 2660
Responses: 14514 total file weight
Average Files Per Folder: 1.36902
Total Data Size: 297 KB 198 B

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Game Script Update 1.02

Game script update
Version: 1.02

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Version 1.02 Summery

Features added or changed:
  • Slight changed to the back compatibility save file update.
  • Small spelling mistakes have been fixed when loading and saving a file.
  • Added version details.
  • Large brain file update from a well developed brain from the pre V5.29 beta server.

Version 1.02 Details

The first version of the game script to add artificial intelligence to none player characters in games has had an update.

Indie games programmers on the BYOND platform are able to create AI brain files in V5 or nostalgia then insert them into a games to bring none player characters to life with a realistic response system.

Although this update is small, it fixes minor issues with reverting the modern V5 save files back to the original V1 nostalgia files, and fixes minor spelling mistakes in the hard code.

Currently the game script is only able to handle one brain files, but in future versions the goal is to allow programmers to have multiple artificial intelligent brain files to be loaded at once. This will allow programmer to have multiple personalities in game on their none player characters, such as shopkeepers, villages, guards and wanderers.

Currently the AI only responds to human users talking, but further development will likely see that the none player characters conversing with other none player characters in the future.

The brain file has been updated from a larger file size to a smaller file size while holding a lot more responses. Currently the default brain file is the brain file from Pre V5.29:
Contains 2048 input folders.
Contains 2973 output files in V5.
Contains 8177 total output files in V1.

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