Update Version 5.27

Core AI & brain-file update
Version: 5.27

Previous Versions:

5.265.25 - 5.24 - 5.23 - 5.22 - 5.21
5.20 - 5.19 - 5.18 - 5.17 - 5.16 - 5.15 - 5.14/5.13 - 5.12 - 5.11
5.10 - 5.09 - 5.08 - 5.07 - 5.06 - 5.05 - 5.04 - 5.03

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Version 5.27 Summery

Features added or changed:
  • Adjusted display of data.
  • Further adjustments to the BETA conversation context adjustments system.
  • Fixed a number of mistakes in the default guide brain file.
  • Adjusted the weight of the default guide brain responses to questions.
  • Bug fixed: an error with check brain.
  • Free subscription for chat server hosts up until 01/01/2023 added.
  • Saved brain files have now been updated to version 14.
  • When updating to the latest save format, you will be asked if you want to restore the default AICore.
Subscriber features added or changed:
  • Adjusted search options and view modes.
  • Added "Adding Mode" and "Average Mode" to load and merge.

Version 5.27 Details

Further adjustments have been made to how the data is displayed in AIChat to be more efficient, increasing speed by reducing the amount of unneeded data that is being displaying in real time.

The beta self recognition and conversation context adjustments system have had a minor tweak to help improve conversation, the system is still in beta and is turned off by default, it can be turned on by clicking "Use Self Question Detection" under the option tab.

The beta conversational context system has also been rewritten to avoid double adjustments from "You" to "I" and back to "You" again. This problem normally happened when to context system found two things close together, converting "Im guessing..." to "You would think...", then it would convert the "You" back to "I" resulting in "I would think...".

Although the beta system for the recognition of itself and context reference adjustment of a conversation is still quite new, the adjustments to that system will hopefully make it more accurate and stable, parts of the system still need further adjustments, as references of who is speak may still have small complexities that need to be ironed out.

When updating to the latest save format, you will be asked if you want to restore the default AICore, if you are not using a modified AICore, this is highly recommended. Certain self recognition features are built into the AICore and this will update them and fix context problem that maybe happening.
The search feature available to subscribers now automatically sets view mode back to the "Normal View" mode, a view mode such as "Empty Folders" can be applied to a search.

Although currently the perspective corrections in the AICore are not in the subscriber menu to edit currently, it is intended that they later will be added to this menu for subscribers to further edit more of the default core adjustments and responses. The AICore deals with the new information and how to handle it, and will later have others languages when closer to completion.

Edit the default guide brain file that loads on startup to not have such a heavy bias towards what it knows about itself when it come to guiding a user about itself, to allow a user to out teach it default responses. This will show a much smaller amount of total responses when checking the database size.

The check brain button is used to update brain files to the latest save format and fix errors in a saved brain files, this is automatically run when a file is loaded. When there is no files or folders in the currently loaded brain, this procedure would cause an error, this is now fixed. This bug was a minor issue an does not cause any problems other than displaying an error.

Added two load and merge features, one mode adds all the file weight together, the other mode finds the average of the weight between the file loaded and the file selected to merge with it.

A free subscription is available for anyone hosting an AIChat server on the BYOND network. Hosting on the BYOND network is free for everyone! Subscribers will have access to the subscriber tab in the menu where a user can edit the AIcore to develop unique default AI responses, searching features allowing users quicker access to specific files and folders, load and merge allowing users to create even smart brains files from two or more AI brains files, and the ability to further edit other AI options.

Latest Brain File Details

Folders: 1916 - Files: 2623
Responses: 13482 total file weight
Average Files Per Folder: 1.369
Total Characters: 193744
Total Data Size: 291 KB 317 B

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