Update Version 5.07

Core AI & brain-file update
Version: 5.07

Previous Versions: 5.06 - 5.05 - 5.04 - 5.03

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Version 5.07 Summery

  • Further improvements to the question detection system.
  • Added more to the default brain file to handle basic insults and to improve its own guide to itself.
  • Set some of the processes to the background, in the foreground suspected infinity loop warning kept flagging up due to massive brain file sizes, now fixed.
  • Added a new view mode, return point folders.
  • Added a new program icon.
  • Removed the delay in the chatters AI response. Before it was set to 2 seconds.
  • Changed the update rate of the control panel for less lag and CPU usage.
  • Changed the database details not to show scientific numbers, which larger files had a problem with.
  • Sometime the AI will now reply twice if the first reply was one of these responses, "k", "ok", "okay" or "right".

Version 5.07 Details

Further improvements have been made to the questions detection system as a few questions without question marks were slipping through the name. Previously the do and dont were being ignored, for example "why dont you...?" or "why do you do...?", these are now detected.

To stop the artificial intelligence from spiraling down in angry hate filled conversation, some basic insults have been added with calmer responses, as not to anger the user back into insulting the artificial intelligence more, teaching it more anger and hate, which is a very common problem in more artificial intelligent chat bots.

When the brain file gets to large it starts to warn the user of possible infinity loops, this has been corrected by moving all these process to the background. There is no infinity loops in the artificial intelligence's code, but searching long lists can bring up this error.

Added a new view mode, return point folder view. When chatting the word "ok" is used a lot, and tends to be start and end point of a small conversation, the AI uses and tracks this, especially with learning unknown conversations. This is normally where topics change and questions are asked. There are currently 4 return point folders, "k", "ok", "okay" and "right".

Changed the rate which information is sent to the process per second, this changes the update rate of the control panel. With many files in view the control panel can start to lag out the rest of the program. As the update per second has dropped, the program will have a lot less lag. The refresh rate of the control panel will now be every half of a second, rather than every tenth of a second.

The default "brain.sav" file has been updated since the last version, increasing from 585 folders to 875 folders for inputs, and 964 file to 1297 for outputs, the number of characters entered went from 35249  to 92586. This brain file update handles questions about its newer features, and has a bit more general chat.

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