Update Version 5.04

Core AI & brain-file update
Version: 5.04

Previous Versions: 5.03

An interface update allows people to keep track of the chat in action. More responsiveness added for unknown responses.

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Version 5.04 Summery

  • The "Control" tab in the right hand side panel will now pull up the folders on the last 3 things said in action.
  • Updated question detection for unknown responses.
  • Lowered the CPU threshold for updating brain files to the current format, less freezing when updating.
  • Updated the aesthetic look of the interface and also added an info button and a startup screen with version information and website details.
  • Added a tiny bit more to the machine code.
  • Added a lot more conversation to the default brain file saved with the download.
  • Updated the AI core to respond to questions with unknown answer.

Version 5.04 Details

The last 3 things said between you and the AI will now be tracked in the "Control" tab in the panel over the right side of the window. You will be able to add, edit, delete, and force say the visible files and folders in this area of the window. and you will still be able to edit the weight of each file. This feature was in the last version, but was not fully implemented, now this feature is more completed.

A small list of things have been added to help detect if a question if being asked, simple words like "who", "what", "where" and "how" have been added along with the original "?" question mark in the detection process to give the right response when a question is ask but is not in the brain file yet. This was added because sometimes a "?" question mark would be missed.

By lowering the CPU threshold of the brain save file updating, the application wont freeze up as much, displaying more movement in updating. Larger files would freeze up the applications, lowering the CPU threshold means a little slower updating a file, but less freezing up.

Added easier ways to see the current version you have running in a startup screen in the chat window and an info tab, along with all the information on where to find updates and further information on what is happening in development.

Updated the AI core to respond to questions with unknown answer, it will say the usual "i dont know" but it will now use the next line to search for an answer, if you know the answer and enter it, it will learn it from that. What happens in the AI core is that the last thing you said will become the last thing the AI said when it does not know.

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