Free to download and use, forever! Here is everything you need to get started, start chatting and teaching your own artificial intelligent chat bot today!

Step 1

BYOND is needed for AIChat, to run AIChat you will need the latest version of the BYOND suite installed, all AIChat servers that are publicly hosted are listed BYOND platform. Click here to download the latest version of BYOND

Step 2

Download the latest version of AIChat with all the features that allow a user to easily edit how the artificial intelligence reacts to conversation.

The Latest Version: 
Download AIChat (Version 5.29) from BYOND (Recommended)
Download AIChat (Version 5.29) from Google

Limited time free subscriptions when you follow and leave a comment with your BYOND username on the new Adam AI Chat Facebook Group!

Read The Starting Guide to get an idea of what all the buttons do in this advanced AI application.

To join any online public chat server you can visit the AIChat Download Page on BYOND, then click play now on any of the public servers. This will automatically download the latest version of AIChat and then join the server.

Free Subscription Any person hosting for free on the BYOND network will have a free subscription applied to their account while hosting, unlocking subscription features up until 01/01/2023. Subscription features include, merging brain files for a more intellectual brain file, search options for easy editing and access to the subscription menu to edit the core of the AI.

Game Script

AIChat NPC Game Script For BYOND:
You will now be able to get all the NPCs talking in your game with this epic artificial intelligent game script released for BYOND, using the brain files from AIChat V5 or Nostalgia this will bring the NPCs conversations alive.

The Latest Version (V1.02):
Download the AIChat Game Script From BYOND (Recommended)

Read about the latest version. Click here for the details of version 1.02...
Read about hitting BYOND news. AI in game creation
Read about the release of the game script. News of game plugin in future

Other Versions

Original Nostalgia Versions:
The Nostalgia Version is a remake of the original first few versions. Click here to read more...

The Latest Version (V1.05):
Download AIChat Nostalgia From BYOND (Recommended)

The Interfaceless Version:
Same AI output, same learning, no buttons, just chat. The AI auto saves every 10 mins and auto loads on start-up, this version can be hosted, but there is no user to user chat, only user to AI chat. Other users joining the server will be able to talk to and teach the AI save file.

The Latest Version (V5.17):
Download AIChat Interfaceless
 From BYOND (Recommended)

Older Versions Of V5

Looking for an older version of AIChat, you can download them here.

Download AIChat (Version 5.28) from Google
Download AIChat (Version 5.27) from Google
Download AIChat (Version 5.26) from Google
Download AIChat (Version 5.25) from Google
Download AIChat (Version 5.24) from Google
Download AIChat (Version 5.23) from Google
Download AIChat (Version 5.22) from Google
Download AIChat (Version 5.21) from Google

Teaching An AI

The AI comes with a built in brain file that knows about all its own features when asked, this file is automatically loaded the first time you starts AIChat. The starting brain files has over 24 hours of typical introductory conversations, calming aggression control and information about its own menus and buttons.

Learn more about the AIChat interface, how to navigate the options, and what is the best way to teach the AI.

Latest Version Details

Version 5.29
Features added or changed:
  • Added "Cancel" when selecting a new brain template.
  • Added an award system which give medals for teaching the AI.
  • Added a "Check Awards" when right clicking a chatter.
  • Added more to the question detection system.
  • Made the "Check Brain" button lighter on the CPU.
  • Minor spelling errors corrected.
  • Bug fixed: When learning if off AI gave no response.
  • Bug fixed: Minor error where the AI name did not show.
  • Bug fixed: Weight of file did not show for some newly created files.
  • Bug fixed: Updating and repairing files froze application, without crashing.
Subscriber features added or changed:
  • Bug fixed: No AICore responses gave a null object error.
Read more about the version update to 5.17...