Update Version 5.06

Core AI & brain-file update
Version: 5.06

Previous Versions: 5.05 - 5.04 - 5.03

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Version 5.06 Summery

  • Changed the name of the back up files.
  • Major bug fixed, the loading command in the development worked, but in the release the button did not, it is now working.
  • Bug fixes in the quick loading of older brain file. Older brain file conversions has also been updated to be more effective.
  • Changed the "i dont know" when questioned phrases to help faster learning.
  • The auto-update now handle older ".brain" files even better now.
  • The auto-update is now a lot clearer to read, and is a little more effective on CPU.
  • Added a display at the top of the control panel to show what file is loaded.

Version 5.06 Details

There has been a slight change to the to the "i dont know" phrases to ask if the person now know. The smart question detection system allow the AI to understand what is being said to it lot better now, question or statements, this smart detection system allows it to learn a lot more faster. By returning the question back if it not understood, it is able to try get an answer right away if the other person know. small phrases not understood yet by the AI are also questioned back to find out more.

A major update in the brain file loading element of the AI and the way it handle older brain file from previous versions before v5. This update fixes a number of problems with the load button in general from the last update. Quick loading older brain file using the quick load button was broken, and loaded the normal brain instead, this bug has been fixed. The normal load button did not work before, but now works, this can also be used load older brain files. Quick save and quick load still worked for "brain.sav" files for previous versions just fine.

Auto file update and the Update AI Smart button now shows information much clear than before, and is a lot less bulky on the CPU, you will be able to see the information much clearer in motion as it is updated. A display has been added to the top of the control panel of what file is loaded into the AI.

The default "brain.sav" file, having a total 585 folders to calculate input and 964 file for output, having 35249 entered characters. This brain file update handles questions about itself better, so it can literally be its own guide when talking to it. Try asking it a few questions about itself to it. 

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