The Original Design

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When I first made AdamAIChat, original called just simply AIChat, it was a personal project to put into my own private games and was never planned to be made public, the BYOND network was small gaming network for small independent game creators to create multiplayer games online, BYOND has its own built in hosting functions to make it easier for the programmers to create their own projects without the hassle of creating host and client code.

When I creates first version AdamAIChat it took only 3 days to create which I spent more time meditating on the idea than programming.

While meditating I deconstructed my own minds workings to understand how data was placed within my own mind, how I handled new data, and how I changed my point of view over time, refining it into a logical form as much as I could.

I first needed to understand how the human mind dealt with new data and how the human mind changed with further new information over time, along with the ability to be slightly random in response, but still be coherent when responding to the conversation.

In the 3 days creating AdamAIChat, no more than 3 hours were spent programming over that time, about an hour a day, the time it took meditating on the idea was about 9 hours, with even longer pondering on the idea on top of that in the day.

Each day a version was produced with slightly different ways of learning and storing information, this was the first 3 versions of AdamAIChat, which was never ment to be public.

When new information was added by conversing with the artificial intelligence, there was, it would respond with "ok", from this point the next response would be treated very differently in the the 3 different version.

One of the versions would treat what was said after the "ok" as the response of the previous thing said to it by the human, this version was great a turbo learning, but was very bad at feeling natural when talking to it, and if the user did not understand this, it could teach it wrong, which would give back odd responses in the future as its learning ability was out of place compared to natural human conversation.

Another would give a totally random response based on already stored data, this was also great for teaching the artificial intelligence, but the artificial intelligences would jump conversation very quickly and give odd responses that were out of place.

The final version placed everything in an "ok" folder in the brain tab and would be the most natural to converse with and closer to the modern version today, now known as the Nostalgia version publically.

One of the down sides of this original version, was the sharp change in topic when a user said "ok", this was alleviated in version 5 and onwards.

Later on in the development, version 5 return point folders were added to create multiple responses to an new data, providing different forms of "ok" to make the conversation even more natural.

The concept was very simple for an advance idea, just like a normal chat bot, it would take the input based on the artificial intelligences out and arrange it in a way to be an output, the random element would be based on the probability of the number of inputs given as a response to the artificial intelligences output.

The more you respond in a certain way, the more likely the artificial intelligence would pick that option without excluding less likely options that have been added.

This allowed AdamAIChat to be random enough to seem human, but not totally changing topics randomly.

It also allowed AdamAIChat to change its overall responses over time if new responses to are added to the artificial intelligences enough to out weigh the original response data added previous, without removing the original responses.

A folder and file system with the typical options to veiw, add, edit and delete allowed for easy editing and easy removal of mistakes made when teaching the artificial intelligence, this folder system was the basis of the whole system, and was going to the base of a hacking game on the BYOND network, but with the chat function adding files and folders it became a chatbot.

The folder system in AdamAIChat was designed to be the input detection system and the file system was designed to be the  response system delivering an output based on matching the folder to the input provided.

Under the hood the artificial intelligence would store the last thing the artificial intelligence said to know what folder to put a file into based on the response of the user to the last thing the artificial intelligence said.

The artificial intelligence would create an empty folder including a file to add responses into later if the conversation came up again.

There was only 2 window tabs in the original alpha version, the brain tab and the command tab, the brain tab held the file system of the artificial intelligences brain, and the command tab had 3 simple commands, save brain, load brain, and clear last say.

Clear last say function was designed to avoid restarting the artificial intelligence every time the memory needed to be cleared, it also had the added function of allowing a user to jump to into the middle of a conversation with out creating files that mismatch the conversation, this helped a user to teach the artificial intelligence faster, without the need of editing out the mess created from jumping conversation when training the artificial intelligence.

The computer with my software on it was originally stolen and I forgot about this side project which only took a few days to make.

Later the topic of my artificial intelligence came up again, hearing that they named the software after my name calling it "Adam AI", and breaking the original source code with no programming knowledge, they started to my steal mail create false accusations, slander, use character deformation, blackmail, threaten and attack me to supply them with the broken element of the code, to continue to claim to be the creator after selling the source code to a massive company.

This forced me to recreate the original version from scratch many years later, then upgrading it to a user friendly version, leading to the modern version today, forcing me to put out a private project ment exclusively for my own games.

I did not yield to the blackmail, threats or attacks, making this software mostly free to the general public, to stop the thieves from earning off of my hard work, but still bringing joy and futuristic design concepts to gaming and AI.

Life if short, art is long, may what I create, continue to live on.

An illegally stolen alpha version of AIChat has a major security hole which can give others access to your file system while hosting when loading and saving files... Read More

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Version Update 5.30

Core AI & brain-file update
Version: 5.30

Previous Versions:

5.295.28 - 5.27 - 5.26 - 5.25
5.24 - 5.23 - 5.22 - 5.21 - 5.20
5.19 - 5.18 - 5.17 - 5.16 - 5.15
5.14/5.13 - 5.12 - 5.11 - 5.10

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Version 5.30 Summery

Features added or changed:
  • Bias controls added: New information bias.
  • Bias controls added: Recent information bias.
  • Bias controls added: First information bias.
  • Bug fixed: An "ok" would return after a change in topic, now it will return before.

Version 5.30 Details

The latest version has been made more human with a heavy focus on natural human biases, adding from the knowledge of psychology towards information, this artificial intelligence has the most advance bias controls available to the public.

New information bias: The tendency to base our thinking disproportionately on whatever comes most easily to mind, favoring new information over older information. This will give an added bias to the newest file in a folder in the brain tab.

Recent information bias: Recency bias is a cognitive bias that favors recent information over historic information. Recency bias gives greater importance to the most recent something is said. This will give an added bias to the most recent response in a folder in the brain tab.

First information bias: This is biased towards the first information that is learned first, adding a bias to picking the first thing learned over newer information. This will give an added bias to the oldest file in a folder in the brain tab.

Latest Brain File Details

Folders: 1943 - Files: 2660
Responses: 14514 total file weight
Average Files Per Folder: 1.36902
Total Data Size: 297 KB 198 B

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