Update Version 5.19

Core AI & brain-file update
Version: 5.19

Previous Versions:
5.185.17 - 5.16 - 5.15 - 5.14/5.13 - 5.12 - 5.11 - 5.10 - 5.09 - 5.08 - 
5.07 - 5.06 - 5.05 - 5.04 - 5.03

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Version 5.19 Summery

Features added or changed:
  • Fixed icon for restore default AI core adjustments button in the info tab.
  • Fixed a bug where AI chat was leaking into public chat.
  • First user log in on server boot will now get admin rights.

Version 5.19 Details

Small fixes and an update to the admin system, you can now have multiple admins, the first person to join a hosted servers using the daemon will get admin controls, this has been designed for remote server users which do not have access to the server on a local network. This also applies after a reboot, the first person to log in after a reboot will get admin controls.

This was a quick update to allow a person willing to hosting a 24 / 7 server to quickly gain access to the admin controls, and will be refined a bit better later on.

Added a restore core AI button for restoring the core AI element of a brain files modified by subscribers, this restores the default detect and response system of the AI core.

Psychic cyborg!

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