Update Version 5.16

Core AI & brain-file update
Version: 5.16

Previous Versions:
5.155.14/5.13 - 5.12 - 5.11 - 5.10 - 5.09 - 5.08 - 
5.07 - 5.06 - 5.05 - 5.04 - 5.03

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Version 5.16 Summery

Features added or changed:
  • Added back tracing to response files to better hold retention in conversation.
  • Added information on back tracing to the file display.
  • Added back tracing information to the file size calculation.
Subscription features added or changed:
  • Added "Edit Backtracing Bias" button.
  • Added the ability to edit the back trace bias from no bias at all to 20 times more likely to pick.

Version 5.16 Details

With a few results back about people with dyslexia finding it easier to read in the bronze interface, the bronze interface will like stay around for much longer.

A new bit of data has been added to the response files to trace back further in the conversation, this data give the AI an extra bias in responding to a person, this is to help better retain the conversation. When a back trace is added to a list in the response file, it uses that list to give the file a higher rating to be picked to respond with. While this gives the AI an extra bias to learn towards, it does not take away its inherent ability to give multiple response to the same input. Subscriber will have the ability to adjust the bias level between the AI being as random as it is originally or being more rigid and consistent in retaining conversation.

The robin and wiggly woo!

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