Update Version 5.05

Core AI & brain-file update
Version: 5.05

Previous Versions: 5.04 - 5.03

An interface update allows people to keep track of the chat in action. More responsiveness added for unknown responses.

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Version 5.05 Summery

  • Updated the loading system to detect and load the older "default.brain" files.
  • Bug fix, you can no longer make blank folders and files that are unable to be deleted.
  • New view mode, "Question Folder" view.
  • Updated the database details to show more information, and to clear up unknown information.
  • Tweaked the machine code a bit more.
  • Updated the question detection.
  • Added a "Save as" and normal "Load", now you can jump between files easier.

Version 5.05 Details

Updated the loading system to automatically detect the older brain file format in the "savefile" folder and now gives an option to load this file up, this was added for ease of use because some people did not know how to change the ".brain" extension to ".sav" on their system, the default file that is loaded at the startup is "brain.sav" from the "savefile" folder. If you press the quick load button and if it detects the old "default.brain" format, it will now ask if the person "do you want to load the older file?". From there you can choose to save it, clicking quick save will overwrite the current default "brain.sav" file. "Save as" and "Load" have been added along side quick load and quick save, and the old file formats are accepted no matter the extension. 

An old bug since the first version has been fixed, when a person creates a file or folder with no name, it creates an object which can not be accessed at all, the object becomes no longer clickable, unable to be accessed or deleted. 

Added a new view mode, question folder view, this was created from the built in question detection system from the last update. This will allow you to view only the questions asked to the AI this is for easier access on checking what the AI would ask and filling in the answers. Question detection has been refined down a bit better to allow for better detection of questions. A few things were flagging up as questions, that were actually statements, these small things have been correct.

The machine code which the computer reads was slightly misaligned, it would not effect the reading and writing of the chat bot to much in previous versions, and was a very minor bug, now corrected. It also converts some words down to a word with the same meaning, for example "hey", "hello" and "hi" mean the same, just like "yeah", "yep", and "yes", this allows for the machine to understand better what is being said.

Also added new information to the database details button to clear up unknown statistics, I have also added a few more statistics to help display and overview of the brain file in the memory. A bit more information has also been added to the info tab.

Slowly growing the default "brain.sav" file, having a total 520 folders to calculate input and 888 file for output, having 31186 characters. This brain file update handles questions asked about the buttons and the features in the AI program, so it can literally be its own guide when talking to it. Try asking it a few questions about itself to it.

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