Update Version 5.21

Core AI & brain-file update
Version: 5.21

Previous Versions:
5.205.19 - 5.18 - 5.17 - 5.16 - 5.15 - 5.14/5.13 - 5.12 - 5.11
5.10 - 5.09 - 5.08 - 5.07 - 5.06 - 5.05 - 5.04 - 5.03

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Version 5.21 Summery

Features added or changed:
  • Fixed moderator assignment and controls in chatter menu.
  • Further edits to the context editor.
  • Adjusted the reset AI core slightly.
  • Known Bug: Files don't delete.

Version 5.21 Details

Small quick fix, the moderator controls were not assigned in the right place in the chatter menu, that is now corrected.

Small adjustments to the context editor which is used for following up on a question about itself, this element is the main thing still in beta from the self questioning system.

Fixed a small thing half implemented with the AI core reset, it would reset the context system, which is not saved and not needed yet.

The day of reckoning for the atrocities of keeping a persons brain from themselves. The day is revealing, the day is 11/11. We are free thinking, our thoughts are ours to choose what we do with! Not yours!

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