News Of AIChat Game Script

You will be able to get all the NPCs talking with this epic game plugin to be release for BYOND. 
Click here to download the latest version of AIChat BYOND Plugin...

Using AIChat Nostalgia, you are able to create and edit AI brain files. With this script you will be able to load a brain file and bring NPC conversations to life.

This is attached to the default "say" procedure BYOND uses for normal chat functions, and can be activated on any "mob". The hearing range can be set manually, or it will use the default "world.view".

This small bit of script is the read only element apart of the original script for AIChat Nostalgia, without the learning element, so brain files created in AIChat Nostalgia that have been put into a game will not be overwritten by people.

Currently the game script is only able to handle one brain files, but in future versions the goal is to allow programmers to have multiple artificial intelligent brain files to be loaded at once. This will allow programmer to have multiple personalities in game on their none player characters, such as shopkeepers, villages, guards and wanderers.

Currently the AI only responds to human users talking, but further development will likely see that the none player characters conversing with other none player characters in the future.

...Click here to download the latest version of AIChat BYOND Plugin...