AIChat Nostalgia

Core Nostalgia AI & brain-file
Version: 1.05

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Nostalgia Version 1.05 Summery

  • Designed from the original concept and storage style of the first version.
  • Contains all the features of version 5.07, with out the machine code core.
  • Designed to load and convert files from version 5.
  • Uses the default brain file from version 5.07.

Nostalgia Version 1.05 Details

All of the original workings of the first version, with the added extras features of version 5. A hybrid between the original file system and the new AI core, this version is able to convert older and newer files save files to this version, including the recent version 5 files.

One of the newer features version 5 include, the question detection system, the version 5 control panel with all the buttons, and the chatter system. All view modes up to version 5.07 are also included.

You are able to keep track of the last 3 things said between you and the AI. Another feature from version 5. This helps to edit the conversation in motion.