Game Script Update 1.02

Game script update
Version: 1.02

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Version 1.02 Summery

Features added or changed:
  • Slight changed to the back compatibility save file update.
  • Small spelling mistakes have been fixed when loading and saving a file.
  • Added version details.
  • Large brain file update from a well developed brain from the pre V5.29 beta server.

Version 1.02 Details

The first version of the game script to add artificial intelligence to none player characters in games has had an update.

Indie games programmers on the BYOND platform are able to create AI brain files in V5 or nostalgia then insert them into a games to bring none player characters to life with a realistic response system.

Although this update is small, it fixes minor issues with reverting the modern V5 save files back to the original V1 nostalgia files, and fixes minor spelling mistakes in the hard code.

Currently the game script is only able to handle one brain files, but in future versions the goal is to allow programmers to have multiple artificial intelligent brain files to be loaded at once. This will allow programmer to have multiple personalities in game on their none player characters, such as shopkeepers, villages, guards and wanderers.

Currently the AI only responds to human users talking, but further development will likely see that the none player characters conversing with other none player characters in the future.

The brain file has been updated from a larger file size to a smaller file size while holding a lot more responses. Currently the default brain file is the brain file from Pre V5.29:
Contains 2048 input folders.
Contains 2973 output files in V5.
Contains 8177 total output files in V1.

...Download the latest version of AIChat or the AIChat script for game creators...