Within BYOND Announcements

In the announcement part of the BYOND forum is an update on recent BYOND events happening within the BYOND gaming network, including BYOND updates, new games, major game updates, and pro code snippets.

This week AIChat made it amoung the the top things reported on in by the recent update reporting to every person on the network.

Notifying all the gamers and game creators within the BYOND network that this is the first game engine to have fully functional artificial intelligent conversation in easy to add code to any game on BYOND, along with a fully functional application for creating these brain files.

The BYOND network contain a massive list of game created by the people on the network, with an easy way to navigate and access these games. 

Game creators are able to make easy 2D online multiplayer without the complexity of networking code, game creators can access guides, code snippet and a very simple help, to help new game creationists.

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