The natural languages system

Currently running under the surface if AI Chat is a compression index system that allow for a faster searching of responses in the the .brain file database, this was originally called AISmart.

Accessing and editing the compression and search index system will be a later feature for subscribers, enabling access to this will allow responses to be faster for users who add more compressions.

The currently system works for mainly general English world wide, compressing down the 1000 most commons words, three letters or above, with this feature available a user is able to create faster responses for English and other languages will be available.

This system allows for a more natural speaking AI chat, the system allows for similar sounding words to be compressed into one word to create more simple search, this can merge words when the AI is looking for a response in its brain database, without changing the data to save or its response.

Common misspelling can be removed this way, blending "there" and "their" based purely on sound, this is known as phonical speaking and is the main, and can be responded to in the same way when read back as a human.

This system also eradicated double tapping and missing the space bar on the keyboard, ignoring a very common mistake.

When this system become available to subscribers, it is likely be added to the load a merge feature.

With the original files being available in the written language symbols as written on this page, the original default file will best merged with other European languages using similar characters, it is currently unknown if other characters from other languages with different symbols will merge well, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Malaysian, future tests in these would be intresting for further improvement.

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